Smart Investment


I’m a new, clear and refreshing purely spanish brand with an innovative and unique branding in the real estate sector … We like the blue. We do not believe that it has effects doing business but it does have effects on our mind. Don’t you believe us?


And now let’s talk about blue, our blue. And if you’re wondering how blue affects our behavior, we’ll tell you that blue is the color of the mind and essentially soothing.

Colors transmit things to us…

Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s is red/yellow? We assume that McDonald’s brand managers thought: what color do you think emphasizes a well-fed child who, besides wanting a freshly made hamburger, also wants chips? There was an interesting study about the psychological properties of colors that said: psychologically red transmits energy, survival, “fight or die”; and if we talk about yellow it denotes intense emotions, friendship and creativity.

You do not have to be a genius for this, right?

Logically the yellow transmits a double portion of chips and red a good glass of orange juice.

Of course the colors transmit things to us.

Our CEO.

Let’s go to invest. Go ahead!